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Roman Villa in the Ladochori village

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  • Address: Ladochori Village, Thesprotia, Greece
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Roman Villa in the Ladochori village Roman Villa in the Ladochori village

You can visit the Roman Villa in the Ladochori village (near Igoumenitsa) which is a rectangular shaped building with peripheral wings around a central room.

The main entrance was in the centre of the eastern side of the building. The walls are preserved up to foundation level, while few parts of the superstructure can be seen in the southern and eastern parts of the walls. Some of the rooms were used as workshops, as we can assume by the presence of paved -with hydraulic mortal- floors and the connection of the rooms with a small settling tank via clay pipes. Others were accommodation rooms and had mosaic floors, presently damaged. A few meters to the west there is a burial chamber, inside which three marble sarcophagi were found, dated between the early 2nd and early 3rd century AD. The best preserved one -currently in the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina- depicts on the main long side scenes from Iliad (the gifts of Priamus to Achlilles), on the left narrow side the preparation of a warrior and on the right side the funeral of a deceased warrior. The cover of one of the sarcophagi, exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa, bears the figure of a young man, lying on a bed. According to the inscription, his name was Antonius and died at the age of twenty-one year old.

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